Mac's Grimoire brings many Magic the Gathering related tools straight into your Discord server.

Card Lookup

Card Lookups

Grimoire can fetch general card information in a useful condensed format.
Card symbol emoji work right out of the box!
You can get more specific information by utilizing commands such as g!oracle, g!legality, g!prints or g!rulings.
Most commands support the entire Scryfall Syntax for finding the right card!

Art Fetching

In addition to fetching card general card information, Grimoire allows you to fetch the full image for a card.
If available, a high-quality version is fetched from Scryfall instead of the default Gatherer image.

Price Lookups

Quickly look up price data for singles with Grimoire. Currently, Grimoire is able to look up card prices with the following marketplaces:Additionally, Grimoire shows average card price spread over multiple marketplaces via Scryfall, including MTG Online.
You will be given various price statistics per marketplace, with a link to the store page so you can quickly make a purchase.
You can select different presentation modes for pricing via the Dashboard.
Rule Lookup

What were the rules again?

Grimoire can assist with various game rules. There is built-in access to the official
  • Comprehensive Rules
  • Tournament Rules
  • Infraction Procedure Guide
as well as definitions for every keyword, format and more!

Uhm... did you mean this?

In case you don't know exactly what you're looking for, Grimoire can help you out. All rules are browsable and Grimoire will automatically pick the closest match for any card you query. The Scryfall Syntax can always help you out as well!
Non English

Non-English Card Support

Do you use Non-English Magic cards a lot? You'll be glad to know that Grimoire fully supports Non-English cards:
  • g!oracle and g!card will show the Non-English card text if available
  • Every command supports Non-English input for card names
  • g!art will show Non-English card art if available
  • Use g!names to find out about all other prints of a card from other countries

Fully Configurable

Grimoire can be fully configured via the Dashboard.
Here you can configure many options for your Discord server, such as:
  • The card properties to show
  • The command prefix to respond to
  • What pricing providers to show
  • The services to link to
  • And more...

Find any token!

You can easily pull art for tokens using the g!token command.
As tokens with the same name can differ, Grimoire allows you to pull up the exact token you were looking for.

Is it banned?

You can quickly pull up the relevant ban list for any format using the g!banlist command.
What's In Standard

What's In Standard?

Want to know for how much longer your standard deck will be legal, before it rotates out?
Grimoire allows you to pull up the current Standard Format with exact dates, so you know exactly what you can play.
Wizards Locator

Game Store Locator

You can easily find game stores and events in your area using the g!locator command.
Results are pulled directly from the Wizards Locator, and are presented using a useful map!
Random Cards

Random Cards

Pull up a random card based on any property using the g!random command.

For example, want to pull a random mythic legendary creature from the latest commander set? g!random C17 mythic legendary creature will do the trick!
You can base your search on types, subtypes, supertypes, rarities, sets and so forth.

Feature Comparison

Scryfall Bot
Icon Bot
Basic Functionality
Card Overviews
Card Images HQHQHQ
Token Images HQHQ*HQ*
Card Legality
Supports Spoiler Cards
Card Symbols
Standard Rotation Fetching
Wizards Locator Lookups
Scryfall Syntax Support *
Random Cards *
List Printings
Supports Non-English Card Names, Text & Art
Canlander & Auslander Support
Card Pricing
Lowest Known Pricing (Via Scryfall)****
Currency Conversion ($, €, ¥, £)
Card Rulings
Comprehensive Rules *
Tournament Rules
Infraction Procedures
Keyword Definitions
Fetch Banlists
Web Dashboard
Miscellaneous Features
Publicly Hosted Instance Available

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